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Saskatchewan-born Luke Knowles had already built a free-shipping dynasty in the United States when he brought the same concept to his homeland. Realizing Canadians were increasingly interested in online shopping and free shipping offers, he founded in 2011. Its creation provides the same access to such deals as enjoyed by visitors to his U.S. site Now shoppers from Newfoundland to Nakina -- who spent $15.1 billion online in 2009 -- enjoy such opportunities.


Knowles also founded Free Shipping Day in the U.S. and Free Delivery Day in the United Kingdom. These one-day events -- held late in the holiday season -- provide procrastinating consumers with an opportunity to shop from a wide variety of e-retailers with free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve.


A total of 2,600 merchants participated in Free Shipping Day 2011, with sales topping the $1 billion mark. It became the highest-earning Friday in that year's holiday shopping season

The success of these events led to the creation in 2011 of Widespread coverage by Canadian media helped lead to participation by more than 160 merchants and much interest by shoppers for its continued success.